Gaeng Som Goong Phak – Ruam (Sour Curry with Prawns and Mixed Vegetables)

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Sour Curry with Prawns and Mixed Vegetables has a taste of sourness from tamarind juice. It is made from vegetables and prawns which can be replaced by fishes. Due to the dish has various kinds of vegetables, it is called sour curry and mixed vegetables.


The dish contains protein from prawns and essential vitamins, mineral and dietary fiber from the vegetables but has low in calorie.


150 grams prawns
80 grams long beans, cut into one-inch pieces
200 grams mixed vegetables of choice

Ingredients for Sour Curry
50 grams boiled snake head fish meat
40 grams gang som paste
500 grams water
4 tbs. tamarind juice
15 grams sugar
2 tbsp. fish sauce


1. Pound the boiled snake-head fish meat with the gaeng som paste.
2. Clean the prawns thoroughly and devein them.
3. Bring water into a boil and add the pounded mixture. Stir until the mixture dissolves. When the liquid returns to a full boil, add the vegetables.
4. Season with palm sugar, tamarind juice and fish sauce, making sure everything is dissolved and blended. Add the prawns and cook briefly. Serve in a bowl.

1. Seafood like prawns and fish cooks quickly, it should be in the boiling liquid only briefly, and then whisked out and served to keep it fresh and tasty.
2. Add the vegetables that take longer to cook first.