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Gaeng Nuea Fak-Thong (Thick Soup with Beef and Pumpkin)

Gaeng Kai Nor-Mai Som (Chicken Curry with Bamboo Shoots)

Gaeng Om-Moo (Pork Curry with Lemongrass)

Gaeng Khilek (Thick Curry with Siamese Senna)

Om Nor-Mai Bai Yanang (Bamboo Shoots with and Yanang Curry)

Pla Nung Jim Jao (Steamed fish and Jao Bong)

Mok Nor-Mai(Steamed Bamboo Shoot in Banana Leaf)

Kai Yang (Vichean Buri)(Grilled Chicken in Vichean Buri Style)

Nue Yang Jim Jao (Grilled Beef with Dipping Sauce)