Tom Ga-Dook Moo Bai Cha-Moung (Short Ribs Soup with Cha-Moung Leaves)

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Bai Cha-muang or Bay leave is a member of Bonnetiaceae family. It can be grown well in the East. It has a taste of sourness and can be added in any kind of sups such as pork soup, chicken soup beef soup and then its taste becomes sourness.


Bai Cha-muang or Bay leave has high in vitamin C, calcium and Dietary fiber. Pork contains high in protein however it has low in calories. The dish is recommended for people who are in weight control.


500 grams short ribs, cut into bite-size piece
1 cup cha-moung leaves
12 each garlic cloves
4 each red shallots, pounded briefly
3 each coriander roots
4 cups water
A pinch of salt


1. Boil the water over high heat. Add the short ribs and simmer until they become tender.
2. Add the garlic, shallots, cha-moung leaves and continue simmering until the soup becomes sour.
3. Season with the fish sauce and salt.

Season with lime juice to make the soup more sour and aromatic.