Gaeng Phed Gai Nor Mai (Red Curry with Chicken and Bamboo Shoot)

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This “Red Curry” is made from coconut milk and chicken which can be replaced with duck, beef or pork. Its name changes when the ingredients are altered, making the dish become red curry with duck, red curry with beef or red curry with pork.


The dish contains protein from chicken, fat from coconut milk and dietary fiber from the vegetables. Eating the dish is good for eyesight and the excretory system.


200 grams chicken breast
40 grams red curry paste
100 grams coconut cream
400 grams coconut milk
100 grams bamboo shoots, cut into thin, long pieces; cooked in boiling water and drained
1 tbs. fish sauce
15 grams palm sugar
4 grams sweet basil leaves
2 grams sliced red chee fah chilies
2 leaves kaffir lime


1. Add half of coconut cream and simmer until the oil floats to the top. Then add the red curry paste and the rest of the coconut cream. Fry until it's aromatic.
2. Cook the chicken in the coconut cream, and then add the coconut milk. When the liquid boils, season with fish sauce and palm sugar. Add the bamboo shoot and wait until the pot comes to a boil again, add the kaffir lime leaves.
3. Add the chee fah chilies and sweet basil leaves, stir until well combined. Remove from the heat and serve in a bowl.