Gaeng Pla-Kod Mun Kee nu (Sour Curry with Skinned Catfish and Kee nu Yam)

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Mun Kee nu, or Kee nu yam, is an annual crop that produces small sized yams. Usually the yams are boiled and served with salt as a light meal. When added to a curry, they create a mild and sweet taste.


The dish contains protein and calcium from the fish, carbohydrate and beta carotene from the yam and vitamin C from the tamarind juice. The herbs contain minerals and vitamins A, C and E. Having the dish relieves flatulence and inflammation and provides antioxidants.


400 grams sliced and cooked skinned catfish meat
1 ½ cups peeled kee nu yam
1 tbsp. palm sugar
2 tbsp. tamarind juice
3 tbsp. salt fish
1 tbsp. lime juice

Ingredients for sour curry paste
20 each bird eye chilies
1 piece turmeric 2-inch long
4 each red shallots
15 each garlic cloves
2 tsp. shrimp paste
A pinch of salt


1. Pound together the bird chillies and salt. Add the shrimp paste, and keep pounding until thoroughly mixed.
2. Boil water in a pot and add the curry paste.
3. Add the kee-nu yam, and wait until well cooked. Add the skinned catfish meat, and let the liquid returns to a boil.
4. Season with the palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind juice and lime juice. Remove from the heat.