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Pad Phad Pla-Lai Prik Kaeng Tai(Stir-Fried Eels with Southern Curry Paste)

Pad Sataw Goong (Stir-Fried Prawns with Bitter Bean)

Gaeng Kati Plaa-Kod Bai-Yeela (Skinned Catfish and Cumin Leaves in Coconut Milk Curry)

Gaeng Tai Pla (Tai Pla Chili Thick Soup with Vegetables)

Gaeng Hed-Kleng Goong (Curry with Stink Beans and Split Gill Mushrooms)

Tom Som Pla Nuea-On (Sour Soup with Whisker Sheatfish)

Phak Lieng Tom Kati(Melindjo Leaves in Coconut Milk Soup)